As the price of recycled metals fluctuates, identifying alloy grades quickly and easily is essential for profitability. VantaTM handheld XRF analyzers for scrap sorting provide reliable identification in seconds for most alloys and pure metals.
Scrap yards can be tough places for electronic equipment, but Vanta analyzers are up to the challenge. Vanta C and L Series handheld XRF devices are IP65* rated to withstand rain, dirt, and dust and are drop tested to US Department of Defense standards (MIL-STD-810G) to help prevent breakages and maximize uptime in the toughest testing environments. Vanta models with a silicon drift detector have a detector shutter to help prevent damage, so users can analyze shavings and wires with confidence.

Every VantaTM analyzer for scrap sorting has software features designed to improve return on investment and help scrap yard owners ensure consistent data capture across their device fleet. With innovative new Axon™ technology, you get the right answer fast, no matter the working conditions. Each device comes configured with a standard package of 25 or more elements and accurately identifies alloy chemistry and grade ID in seconds so you always get the right answer fast.

Fleet management is easy with Vanta analyzers. Managers can create unique username and password sign-ins for each user. The user interface is customizable so multi-yard and multi-user sorting operations can set up their devices to their specifications and push custom device setups to their entire analyzer fleet. Software features, such as SmartSort and Grade
Match Messaging, enable both new hires and experienced professionals to take the shortest path to the correct analysis.

The Vanta analyzer’s optimized XRF geometry and Axon technology enable the lowest limits of detection (LODs) we ever thought possible in a handheld device for the ultimate in light element detection. Analyze a range of alloys with confidence including:

  • Non-ferrous alloys: Fast analysis of stainless steels, Ni superalloys, and other alloy materials. Sort heavy alloys based on low levels of Si and Al content.
  • Low alloy steels: Verify residual content in steels and confirm Si, S, P, and Mn.
  • Aluminum and light alloys: Confidently measure Mg to assess and sort aluminum alloys.
  • Copper: Separate brasses, bronzes, leaded alloys, and aluminum and silicon-containing alloys in seconds.
  • Precious metals: With optional calibration packages, Vanta analyzers provide both nondestructive chemistry analysis and karat determination. Gold, silver, and platinum content can be verified confidently.
  • Car catalysts: Olympus worked with industry experts to develop calibrations ideal for analyzing auto catalyst materials for precious metal content including Pd, Pt, and Rh.
  • Electronics: With an optional precious metals calibration, sort electronic components with precious metal content (Ag, Au, Pd, etc).
    Separate and identify poisons and Pb-containing solders. Evaluate copper in shredded materials.
  • Glass: Quickly sort Pb-containing glass and glass-ceramic from recycling streams and detect toxic elements