Thermographic Imager EXPEC 1810


The second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic is predicted to be even more aggressive than the first wave. This is also the start of the flu season. The combination of both of these is a good reason to consider the EXPEC 1810.

Fever is one of the typical symptoms of the coronavirus (COVID-19), and the detection of body temperature is the first key point of epidemic control.

The EXPEC 1810 can realize non-contact, fast, high-precision, large-area and multi-target long-distance body temperature screening. The thermographic camera plays an important role in rapid screening of suspected patients in assembled areas like the airport, railway station, port, hospital, school, and office buildings.

Why choose for EXPEC?

1.The detector incorporates a vanadium oxide (VOX) long wave infrared staring uncooled focal plane array, achieving a higher measurement sensitivity.

2. The device incorporates a germanium glass, long focal length lens, achieving a higher resolution, clearer image and providing a larger temperature measurement area.

3. The infrared analysis software adopts an AI intelligent algorithm to eliminate interference factors, resulting in a more accurate identification of objects being measured and a more accurate temperature measurement result.

4. The detector was specifically designed with AI intelligent algorithm, to measure human temperature.

5. Other infrared cameras only measure the temperature of objects.